Mother's Day Buffet Sunday May 8th

* Shredded lamb with mint sauce & pomegranate (GF)
* Summer green salad (GF)
* Italian pasta salad (Vgtn)
*Broc-cauli, bacon & cranberry salad (GF)
* Gourmet roast vegetables (GF)

DESSERT  served to the table
* Chocolate Mud Log with white chocolate shards
             * gluten free option available on request 
   * bowls of freshly whipped Chantilly Cream or Natural yoghurt
$35.00 adults         $17.50 children 5-10 years          Preschoolers  no charge

Alternative for children under 10
* Kiddie pack includes juice ,pizza pieces
* Ice Cream with sprinkles

SUMMER Lunch Menu-

             Part of the secrets of success in life is to eat what you like ~  Mark Twain

* Baked Camembert Cheese

  topped with your choice of sweet chilli sauce or spiced apricot sauce
$19.50 GF
Olde Creamery Beer Bread
with spreads & dips

* Gourmet Mussels (NZ Greenshell)
x 6 served with warm with tomato salsa & crusty bread
$19.50 GF

~ a dozen NZ Greenshell

~ served gently heated with tomato salsa & crusty bread ~ $30.00
                                                                                      ~ $32.50 GF

Specialty meats ,Camembert cheese,chutneys,gherkins,seasonal fruit
   served with The Olde Creamery Beer Bread  ~ $30.00
                                                                          ~ $35.00 (GF)

served on Sour dough bread
with caramelised onions,sun dried tomatoes, feta & pumpkin seeds
                                                                          ~ $23.50
                                         with a side of bacon ~ $26.50
                                                                          ~ $87.00 (GF)

*  BRAISED  LAMB  SHANKslowly braised in rosemary & juices
          served on creamy mashed potato with gravy
                             crusty bread on the side      ~ $30.000          
                                                   (can be GF)  ~ $32.50
          Potato, cauliflower,peas, carrots, onions, corn, beans pumpkin & silver beet
                   served with roast vegetables
                            topped with chilli sour cream               ~  $23.00
                                             with  a side of bacon           ~ $26.50
   OPEN  SANDWICH  ( can be G.F)  
       * pulled pork w caramelized onions, Swiss cheese plum & apple chutney      $26.00
                                                                                                                             $29.00 GF

* Smoked Chicken, mango & bacon pieces topped with crispy noodles
               small jug of French dressing                          $23.50
* Baby beets,feta, avocado $ cashews
              small jug of Thai style dressing                      $21.00         
* Smoked Salmon, shaved cucumber & walnuts topped with crispy noodles     
              small jug of French dressing                           $26.00

SUMMER Desserts

                      *Life is short ~ eat dessert first!! "

* Eton Mess  
a delightfully light but filling summer dessert with crumbled meringues,
                   Chantilly cream & seasonal fruit      
*   Orange Almond Cake ( GF & DF )  $12.50
a dainty cake with a blend of poached oranges & almond meal topped with almond flakes & icing sugar

* Lemon Meringue Pie 
classic citrus filling in a sweet tart shell topped with an indulgent meringue  $13.50

* Affogato a double shot of Volt coffee served with Vanilla Ice Cream $10.00
 ~ add a shot of Frangelica /Baileys ~ so naughty & nice!  $6.00

                                    All desserts are served with either
                         natural yoghurt or freshly whipped Chantilly cream

Children's Menu~ available for Big Kids too!!

          As a child I had 2 options for meals-take it or leave it!!

Macaroni Cheese Parcels~
creamy macaroni with bacon pieces encased in golden breadcrumbs $9.50

add a side salad $15.00           

with a side of bacon    $12.50
Pizza ~ $9.50
please ask for varieties
served w Tomato Sauce
Kiddie Pack ~ $9.50
A small savoury, Muesli/Fruit bar,
cheese slice, a sweet treat & a small juice

Mini Savouries ~ $3.00
Mince savouries served with tomato sauceT
Toasted Sandwich$9.00
Ham & Cheese
add a side salad $14.00
served with Tomato Sauce or chutney
(G.F. $11.00)

Kiwi Cookies ~ $4.50  GF $5.00
cute as buttons!
many varieties available at counter

Brunch Menu

                              Never eat more than you can lift!! -   Miss Piggy
                                         served from 10am - 12 noon

 * Eggs Benedict  served with either streaky bacon $19.50
                                                    or smoked salmon  $21.50
                - served w wilted spinach on sour dough
                                      Hollandaise on the side   

* Scrambled Eggs
                fresh farm eggs on sour dough bread $18.50        
                            w a side of bacon       $21.50  

* Traditional Big Breakie   
   Bacon, scrambled eggs on sour dough bread,grilled tomato, vegetable cake,
            breakfast sausages & chutney    $24.00        GF $27.00

* Avocado Smash  served on sour dough bread mixed w sun dried tomatoes & feta
  topped w a poached egg    $23.50     w a side of bacon   $26.50       GF $28.50

* Brunch Cakes (GF/Vegan/ can be VGTN)
         potato, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, silver beet,peas,
       corn, onion served w grilled tomatoes & chutney
           with a side of bacon          $24.50

* Savoury Pancake Stack  
       w  bacon, banana & maple syrup
                                                         ~ $17 .50

* Sweet Austrian Waffles
w  seasonal  fruit, maple syrup
     served w  cream or yoghurt           ~ $17.50

Victorian High Tea

Celebrate a special occasion with a Victorian High Tea and get together with family, friends and work colleagues. Catering for groups of two or more.
Cost: $42.00 Regular & Vegetarian High Tea.
          $47.00 Gluten /Dairy Free & Vegan per head
          $12.00 extra per person Champagne/Pink Gin option
          $18.00 Children under 10 years
  • Personal pot of T Leaf T (coffee/hot chocolate if preferred))
  • Four dainty sandwiches
  • Three sweet treats
  • Three petite savouries
  • Belgium chocolate
  • Take home memento of the special day
  • Private upstairs room available to hire at $30.00 -seats 20 
A delightful way to celebrate a special occasion-Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Baby Showers,Girls Get Together,
Just Because We Can days!!
                   Bookings are essential 24 hours in advance
Cancellations cannot be made after 9am
on the morning of a booking - for catering purposes.

The number confirmed is the amount of the account.

Young Ladies High Tea

Let us organise a special party for a special young lady
High Tea includes :
* Popcorn to start
* Pink Lemonade/Orange Juice /Hot Chocolate
* Fairy Bread
* Petite Savouries
* Cupcake
* Designer Cookie
* Take home momento
Cost :
under 10 - $18.00
Private upstairs room available to hire -$30.00

Party packs can be pre-ordered

Prior bookings essential
07 8236266
em: café