FATHER'S DAY MENU Sunday September 2nd

    Bookings are essential for this busy day  - please call 07 8236266 to secure a table                                   

                                 Special Father’s Day Menu_


 * Olde Creamery Beer bread-served w chutneys   ~ $13.50
 * Baked Camembert
            topped w mild chilli or spiced apricot sauce ~ $13.50


 * Lamb Shank –slowly braised w  rosemary & mint
-served on potato mash w crusty bread & seasonal vegetables    $26.50

* Chris’s Hot Pot Prime diced beef sauted in red wine w mushrooms, capsicum, onions & tomato-served w Yorkshire pudding & potato mash   $21.50

 * Vegetable Cakes-layered with bacon w a side salad
               (can be V & GF)  $22.00

 * Chilli con carne- lean beef mince, tomato, mild chilli, onion, herbs & red kidney beans-served w sour cream & corn chips  ~   $21.50 ( GF)

     Dad’s Little Helpers Menu
 * Pizza-Meat Lovers or Ham/Pineapple $7.50
 * Mince Savouries  $2.50 ea
 * Toasted Sandwich-Ham/ Cheese   $6.00

 * Sticky Date served warm with salted caramel sauce $10.00
 * Apple Pie served warm & custard  $10.00
 * Orange Almond cake– petite dessert  ( GF/DF ) $8.50
                all desserts served with cream or yoghurt

                                  Relax and enjoy your Father’s Day with us

Winter Lunch Menu

           Part of the secrets of success in life is to eat what you like!
                                          ~ Mark Twain

                   * Braised Lamb Shank
slowly braised in rosemary & mint gravy served on creamy potato mash & steamed seasonal vegetable with crusty bread ~ $26.50                                                                                      
                  * Chris’s Hot Pot                                    
                      Prime diced beef sautéed in Red Wine, with  mushroom, onions & seasonal vegetables  - served w  Yorkshire pudding & potato mash~21.50                                                                            
                   Open Sandwich  ( can be GF)  Pulled pork on sour dough bread layered with plum & apple chutney, caramelized onion, Swiss cheese, salad greens  & sliced tomato~ served w apple sauce ~ $21.50                    *  
                   * Chilli con carne   lean beef mince, tomato, chilli, onion, herbs & red kidney bean served with sour cream & corn chips
            a moderately spicy and delicious dish   ~ 21.50

                 * Avocado Smash   ( can be GF & V )  served on sourdough bread with caramelised onions, sun dried tomatoes, feta &  pumpkin seeds                                                                                                                       ~ $18.50
         with a side of bacon   ~ $20.50

                 * Soup                  
                    * Hearty Pumpkin served with a swirl of cream topped with walnut ~ crispy bread on the side ~ $13.00
                    *Moroccan Vegetable- ( GF. DF. & VE )
                   traditional Moroccan spices of coriander & cumin with sweet potato, chickpeas, tomato, capsicum & raisin ~ garnished with chopped parsley served with gluten free bread or French bread ~ $13.                                      

The meals below are served with a mesclun salad & chutney                                     
* Toasted sour dough sandwich ( can be GF)
   ** Smoked chicken w camembert cheese & apricots
   ** Smoked salmon w  cream cheese, caramelised onion & spinach ~$20.00   
 *  Vegetable Cakes  (can be GF) Two vegetable cakes made of potato, kumara, sun dried tomato, spinach & onion, bound with egg                            ~ $20.00
 w a side of Bacon  ~ $22.00                                             
  Please advise staff of any dietary requirements you may have

Winter Desserts

                               Life is uncertain—eat dessert first!!

                          * Sticky Date Cake - a classic dessert served with salted caramel sauce - gently heated  ~ $10.00

                   * Dutch Apple Crumble Pie
                    soft apple pieces  stewed with cinnamon and spices on a sweet crust base &  topped with crumble ~  a generous wedge served  with creamy vanilla custard
                              ~ gently heated  ~ $10.00

                    * Carrot Cake
                a light moist cake iced with cream cheese icing 
                                        ~  $10.00
            * Petite Desserts  ~  $8.50
                      * Orange Almond Cake  ( GF & DF )
     a blend of poached oranges & almond meal, topped with almond flakes & icing sugar                                                                                      * Chocolate Lava Cake
a naughty  dessert gently heated oozing a chocolate lava center 

    All desserts are served with your choice of natural Yoghurt  or freshly whipped Cream

Children's Menu

As a child I had 2 options for meals-take it or leave it!!

Macaroni Cheese Parcels~ $7.50
topped with crispy bacon
Pizza ~ $7.50
please ask for varieties
served w Tomato Sauce
Kiddie Pack $7.50
A small savoury, Muesli/Fruit bar,
cheese slice, a sweet treat & a small juice

Mini Savouries $2.50
Mince savouries served with tomato sauce

Toasted sandwich- $6.00
Ham & Cheese
served with Tomato Sauce
(G.F. $7.00)

Kiwi Cookies $4.00 
cute as buttons!
many varieties available at counter
(GF $4.50 ) 

Victorian High Tea

Celebrate a special occasion with a Victorian High Tea and get together with family, friends and work colleagues. Catering for groups of two or more.
Cost: $30.00 Regular High Tea.
$35.00 Gluten Free & Vegan per head
  • Personal pot of T Leaf Tea (coffee/hot chocolate also served)
  • Four dainty sandwiches
  • Three sweet treats
  • Three petite savouries
  • Belgium chocolate
  • Take home memento of the special day.
  • Gluten Free & Vegetarian options
  • Perfect for baby and Bridal showers.
  • Private upstairs room to hire $30.00
Champagne High Tea is a decadent optional extra $10.00 p.p and can be ordered on the day.

Bookings are essential 24 hours in advance
Cancellations cannot be made after 9am on the morning of a booking-for catering purposes

Young Ladies High Tea

Let us organise a special party for a special young lady
High Tea includes :
* Popcorn to start
* Pink Lemonade/Hot Chocolate
* Fairy Bread (4)
* Petite Savouries (2)
* Cupcake (1)
* Designer Cookie (1)

Cost :
under 10 - $15.00
Private upstairs room available to hire -$30.00
Party packs can be pre-ordered

Prior bookings essential
07 8236266
em: café @oldecreamery.co.nz 

Sample Buffet Menu

             $35.00 Adult       5-12 years $17.50
                     preschoolers –no charge

             * Ham on the Bone  with Chutney & Mustard (GF)
             * Shredded Lamb with mint sauce-served warm
             *  Mesclun Salad Greens (G F)
             * Italian Pasta
             * Warm Roast Vegetables (G F)
             * Wholemeal  Buns   (G F bread also)
             * Children’s Savouries & Pizza

           * Carrot cake
           * Fresh fruit platter
           * Bowls of fresh cream & yoghurt
                           Gluten Free options available
           * Rainbow Paddle Pop ice block–for little people
                     * Self Service Tea/ Cona Coffee
                                    *  Juice for children

Brunch Menu


      Served from 10 am –12 pm
          Never eat more than you can lift!!
                          Miss Piggy

 * Eggs Benedict  served with either streaky bacon or smoked salmon
                - served with wilted spinach on sour dough
          Holandaise on the side on the side      $18.50

* Scrambled Eggs
                on Sour dough Bread          $14.50
                   with a side of bacon         $16.50  

* Traditional Big Breakie   
   Bacon, scrambled eggs on sour dough bread,grilled tomato, vegetable cake,
            breakfast sausage & chutney   $22.00

* Avocado Smash  served on sour dough bread mixed with sun dried tomatoes & feta topped with a poached egg                                         $18.50               with a side of bacon  $20.50

Brunch Cakes (GF & V)
       Potato, sun dried tomato, spinach, kumara & onion bound together with egg-
            served w grilled tomatoes & chutney
           with a side of bacon          $22.00

Savoury Pancake Stack  
       w  bacon, banana & maple syrup

Sweet Pancake Stack  
w  seasonal  fruit, maple syrup & cream or yoghurt